I’m Fatemeh Ebrahimnezhad Namini (born 18 Dec 1990) known as Negar I love what I do! Photography is my passion and I make that shine in my work. I try to stay away from the typical and am always on the hunt for new ideas. Now, a little about my work, i worked as a head photographer in Noor advertising agency for almost 3 years (2011-2014). and im working as a freelance photographer now . I have 7+ years of photography experience in both a corporate and freelance setting. I’m classically trained in not only film but digital. I have a B.A advertising photography in Tehran university Elmi Karbordi Farhang o Honar v41 (2010-2014).

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  • When you’re a photographer , it’s an undeniable fact that a friend or family member will eventually ask you to shoot his/her wedding.Shooting a wedding can be terrifying, inducing nightmares of missing an important moment . I mean even for me because I do photography for almost 8 years and i did almost every aspects of that, this is becoming part of my identity/my personality . at first i was so nervous but the end i was like ""Wee! Wedding over and I kicked some photography a**. Mission accomplished!" I absolutely love

  • Hello Friends ! Lightroom presets are like magic . if your are suffering from time limitation in your studio works , here you are . i hope it helps you to manage your time especially when you are in hurry . Program needed : Lightroom Download

  • The meaning of color is important in Photography , some people usually prefer warm colors while others prefer cold ones . Im personally in team A , yeah warm colors . but some times you need to add more cold colors to emphasize on meaning . Enjoy ! 🙂 Download

  • Winter is Coming is a Game of Thrones inspired preset . if you are fan of GOT you would probably like this preset so much . also it could be useful in this season . Enjoy ! Download