I’m Fatemeh Ebrahimnezhad Namini (born 18 Dec 1990) known as Negar I love what I do! Photography is my passion and I make that shine in my work. I try to stay away from the typical and am always on the hunt for new ideas. Now, a little about my work, i worked as a head photographer in Noor advertising agency for almost 3 years (2011-2014). and im working as a freelance photographer now . I have 7+ years of photography experience in both a corporate and freelance setting. I’m classically trained in not only film but digital. I have a B.A advertising photography in Tehran university Elmi Karbordi Farhang o Honar v41 (2010-2014).

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shooting my first wedding

When you’re a photographer , it’s an undeniable fact that a friend or family member will eventually ask you to shoot his/her wedding.Shooting a wedding can be terrifying, inducing nightmares of missing an important moment . I mean even for me because I do photography for almost 8 years and i did almost every aspects of that, this is becoming part of my identity/my personality . at first i was so nervous but the end i was like “”Wee! Wedding over and I kicked some photography a**. Mission accomplished!” I absolutely love what I did and can happily approach weddings with confidence now 😉 Shooting a friend or family member’s wedding is a great place to start. I don’t suggest doing this alone at all.A wedding is not something that can be recreated, so go into the situation knowing the hefty responsibility that is placed on your shoulders. If you are not ready do not do that.